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GAC (Global Assembly Cache)

1. GAC path

1) C:\Windows\Assembly (for .NET 2.0 ~ 3.5)

2) C:\WINDOWS\Micorosoft.NET\assembly (for .NET 4.0)

2. How to install an assembly into GAC

1) Drag and Drop

2) Use GacUtil.exe with Visual Studio Command Prompt

gacutil -i <Path><Assembly Name>.dll

- Note: To install an assembly into the GAC, the assembly must be strongly named.

Otherwise you get an error like this: Failure adding assembly to the cache:

Attempt to install an assembly without a strong name.

3. How to uninstall an assembly from GAC

gacutil -u <Assembly Name>, Version=, PublickeyToken=<publicKey>

- Note: <Assembly Name> has no extention, .dll.

Version and PublickeyToken can be omitted and be checked in GAC assembly.



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